July 09, 2012

Before we get started please oblige us while we do a little house keeping… Dear mother nature, we know we’ve said more than once that a little rain on your wedding day is great. We should have emphasized the word LITTLE a bit more so as not to make it seem as though we were challenging you. We know that you will win every single time if you choose. So, we are officially going to concede and do our best to get back in your good graces. K?

Whew, glad we got that cleared up because not only did it rain on Karli and Jacob’s wedding day. It poured. For three days. The rainiest June days in Mobile history. If Karli was stressed about it she didn’t let it show. She kept her cool and just let it be part of her day. High fives to that! Thank goodness they’re wedding was at the gorgeous Ft Conde Inn because we had a large porch and plenty of indoor light to work with. And then, and hour before their ceremony… just like that it stopped raining and the sun came out.

After the ceremony we took full advantage of the break in rain and snuck away with Karli and Jacob for a few portraits. Thanks for wandering around with us and for trusting us when we asked y’all to explore this abandoned building. LOVE!

This next one? Fave. Fave. FAVE!!!

Styled and coordinated by Brittany and Candace of Over The Top Events.

Florist: Winn-Dixie of Fairhope

Cake: Andree’s

Caterer: Creative Catering Inc

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