Hey!  I’m Jessica. I live in Montgomery, Alabama and photograph weddings all over this beautiful state. I fancy working with couples who are vibrant, adventurous and quirky.

I LOVE: marriage (my husband is my BEST friend), mommyhood (our kids are THE awesome), exploring new places, art, design, football, and PSL’s.

I have a laugh that people love to laugh AT. It’s loud and gooselike. You’ve been warned.

You know how cotton ‘squeaks’ when you rub it together? That makes my teeth hurt. Real. Bad.

The beach is the best! Forever and ever. Amen.

Some people know me as Bruiser the Bear.

I studied photography at The University of Alabama. Roll Tide!

I wink at people. And then in my head I’m all, why’d I just wink at them? Stop winking. seriously. stop.  WINK.

I still get super freaked out when I hear the theme music from Unsolved Mysteries.

If you ever hear me say, “no thanks, I don’t want any ice cream” please check to see if I have a fever.

Want to see what inspires me? Check out my boards on Pinterest.

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